Child monitoring app Bosco’s founder opens up on privacy, India pricing

The interview hasn’t started, but Enon Landenberg has thoughts on Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and India’s proposed Digital Personal Data Protection Bill. The GDPR “doesn’t do anything, you know, it just allows you to delete your history,” Landenberg says.

“The markets which are the only places that have solutions that can help users are more totalitarian regimes like in Turkey and China, where basically, it’s not for the end users, it’s more for the government.”

Landenberg, 50, is the founder of Alerteenz, the Israeli firm behind Bosco, a child monitoring app that launched last week in India, with the Times of India group’s help in distribution, Landenberg said; the Times Group’s newspapers have featured advertisements for Bosco over the weekend, and put the company in touch with a localisation firm to get the app translated to Indian languages.

Read the full interview on Entrackr.

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